Explore Yogananda's

Past Life


Are you inspired by Paramhansa Yogananda?

Have you enjoyed reading his Autobiography of a Yogi and other writings?

If so, you may have visited his sites in California and in India.

But . . . did you know there are shrines in Europe where Yogananda's blessings can be felt?

And those of his great guru, Sri Yukteswar?

It's true!  I've felt those blessings.

And so have a select few who knew where to go.

It all has to do with something Yogananda told his close disciples.

The great yoga master said that, in a past life, he was a Norman duke and British king . . .

"[Paramhansa Yogananda] told us that, in a former incarnation, he had been William the Conqueror."

Conversations with Yogananda by Swami Kriyananda

He also said that Swami Sri Yukteswar had incarnated as William's spiritual advisor, Lanfranc.


Powerful Blessings

When I heard about this, I was fascinated.

My wife and I traveled to Normandy to visit places made famous by William and Lanfranc.

We were overwhelmed by the powerful blessings we experienced there.

And we would like to share those blessings with you.

Many of these sites are only an hour or two by train from Paris.

I encourage you to go there and meditate.

Take that trip to Paris you've been dreaming about . . .

And experience Yogananda's blessings at the same time!

To help you plan and make your Normandy pilgrimage . . .

I have written an eBook titled

Walking with William of Normandy:

A Paramhansa Yogananda Pilgrimage Guide


"Beautiful! I think this book will inspire many people to make a similar pilgrimage."

Swami Kriyananda, direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Conversations with Yogananda



Experience Yogananda . . .

In France!

This book is filled with helpful information . . .

Hundreds of facts, tidbits, and suggestions that will enrich your Normandy pilgrimage experience.

Here's what you'll receive:

First-hand descriptions of the most inspiring William the Conqueror sites in Normandy

Directions on how to get there

Site accessibility breakdown by train or car

Itinerary suggestions for longer and shorter visits

Sites divided into major and minor destinations

Maps of Normandy with William sites highlighted

Diagrams of important William sites

Brief history lessons, to enhance your appreciation of each site and its William connection

Excerpts from my travel diaryto give you a sense of what you might experience

Photographs of William's castles, his tomb, his birthplace . . .

And much more!


"For all who feel close to Yogananda, this book will open a new, fun, and exciting door of discovery: a door leading to special pilgrimage spots rarely visited by yogis, even though they are full of power--places mapped out where, unknown to most, Yogananda left his divine footprints. This is a practical travel guide, written by a devotee for devotees, helping us discover 'another' Yogananda, a second 'Calcutta-home,' a second 'Biltmore hotel,' another 'headquarters.' Many useful tips are given to plan your own trip. I found the book enjoyable to read, and recommend it even if you only take a 'reading-pilgrimage' to Normandy!"

Jayadev Jaerschky, yoga teacher



A Special Book

It took years to gather this information paging through history books, studying internet sites, not to mention two trips to Europe. If you tried to research a pilgrimage of this type yourself, it would take many hours and cost you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

But I’ve done all the work for you. Now you can enjoy the fruit of my labors for only $14.95.


"Fascinating! Richard Salva brings to life the previous incarnations of Paramhansa Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar. This isn't a travelogue, folks--it's pilgrimage. Enjoy it!"

Dambara Begley, Meditation Instructor

"Beautifully written, Walking with William of Normandy offers precise and cohesive information about making a William the Conqueror pilgrimage. It is a bijou in terms of William's Normandy, and also for those following Paramhansa Yogananda's legacy."

Selima Gurtler, Founder of East Meets West Peace Foundation



Here’s How To Order

It’s easy to get started. Just follow the instructions below.

I encourage you to take advantage of this valuable resource. Get a head start now on your "Yogananda in France" pilgrimage.

I hope you will go to Normandy, and that like me, you will feel Yogananda's blessings as you walk in William's footsteps.

Richard Salva


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