Discover Your Inner Greatness

With Abraham Lincoln

as Your Guide!


Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest individ-uals in the history of the world.

His life story has brought inspiration to millions.


"Lincoln had no vices, even as a young man.”

—Joshua Speed, Lincoln's lifelong friend

"The greatest character since Christ.”

—John Hay, Lincoln's presidential secretary

“The greatest American president.”—2007 Gallup Poll


The records show that Lincoln's greatness was evident even as a child.

(This is true of other great men and women.)

Where does that greatness come from?

Are some people just "born great"?

Does it come by chance? Luck of the genetic draw?

Or is greatness something Lincoln and others achieved in a past life . . .

And brought forward with them?


The Path to Greatness

Is it possible that, in the past, Abraham Lincoln followed certain principles that molded his greatness?

That gave him the strength and wisdom to accom-plish his great deeds?

Principles YOU can also follow . . .

To unlock your inner greatness?

To unleash your own "inner Lincoln"?

According to a great master of yoga, Abraham Lincoln prepared himself for his magnificent life through focused spiritual effort in a past life . . .

"Abraham Lincoln had been a yogi in the Himalayas who died with a desire to help bring about racial equality. His birth as Lincoln was for the purpose of fulfilling that desire." Paramhansa Yogananda, world teacher and author of the spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi

Is there any evidence that Yogananda's words are true?

Yes, there is! Hundreds of connections!

And it's all inside this amazing book titled


Yoga's Hidden Teaching

Many millions today practice yoga.

Did you know that there are spiritual principles that lie behind their practice?

These same principles were the foundation of Lincoln's greatness.

And you too can follow them to transform your life.

To unfold your highest potential!

Let Abraham Lincoln guide you, step by step . . .

On his past-life path to greatness!


Lincoln's Spiritual Handbook

Not only does The Yoga of Abraham Lincoln contain historical proof of reincarnation . . .

. . . more than 200 similarities and ties between the life of Abraham Lincoln and the ancient spiritual science of yoga . . .

But, while reading stories and details from the actual recorded history of Abraham Lincoln . . .

You will discover:

The tried and true path to inner growth.

The key to success in any endeavor.

How the fill your words with spiritual power.

The ancient technique for concentrat-ing the mind.

How to open your heart and experi-ence more joy in life.

How to receive inner guidance . . .

. . . and, much more!


What Others Are Saying

People from all over are talking about The Yoga of Abraham Lincoln — here are just a handful of comments:


"A unique . . . journey through history, human greatness and yoga.”—Gyandev McCord, author of Yoga for Starters

“This book is a treasure.”

—Asha Praver, yoga philosophy and meditation instructor

“Imparts a provocative insight into . . . Eastern yoga.”

—James Conti, manager of East-West Bookstore


Let me give you a peek at what’s inside this extraordinary book:


The Yoga of Abraham Lincoln is:

• Comprehensive (more than 200 past-life yoga connections disclosed)

• Historical (taken from the life of one of the most celebrated persons in history)

• Verifiable (you can look it all up at your public library)

• Groundbreaking (you won't find a study like this anywhere)

• Powerful and compelling (presents an ancient, tried and true path to greatness)


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