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Astrological Connections   


Below are some interesting astrological connections between Abraham Lincoln and Charles Lindbergh, discovered by Robert McNary, a symbologist who dabbles in astrology.

If you have observed other astrological ties between Lincoln and Lindbergh, or have any questions or comments about these connections, send them to info [at] crystarpress.com. (Please note that we may post your findings, but if so, we will give you credit for them.)


Abraham Lincoln and Charles Lindbergh were born 93 years apart in the month of February, sign of Aquarius, which immediately gives them similarities at the personality level.

Both had active first house (of Self) placements, the more so with Mr. Lincoln. He had five luminaries in three signs in that house, Lindbergh had three luminaries in two dif-ferent signs. This points to a powerful inner Presence for both.

The angles on Lincoln's chart are at 8 and 22/23 degrees (with other cusps and planet placements at 22 degrees). 8 is the number of the Christ Energy, while 22 is a Master number. It has been suggested that Lincoln was an Aquarian Avatar.

It may be that Lincoln's midheaven at 8 degrees Sagittarius became Lindbergh's Ascendant at 8 degrees Sagittarius. The odds of that happening are tiny.

It is as if Lincoln's zenith became Lindbergh's beginning (birth), about which Richard Salva speaks in his book. As I understand such things, we generally pick up in the next life pretty much from where we left off. Alternatively, Lincoln was the spiritual father of

Lincoln's Nodes of the Moon are at 6 degrees Scorpio and Taurus. Lindbergh's are at 8 degrees of the same signs - astrologically closely conjunct. The Nodes are about dest-iny. The North Node seems to be more important. Lincoln's North Node is in the 8th house of birth, death, transformation, etc. (the Civil War and Emancipation). Lind-bergh's is in the 11th house (naturally ruled by Aquarius) and showing him as a great humanitarian.

None of these connections are conclusive. Proof in most areas of life is hard to come by. If these two are not the same soul, they were cut from the same mold.


To the horoscopes (below), the birth time - which gives the Ascendant and cusps - is probably close for Lindbergh, an estimate for Lincoln (there are different times/charts on the Net for him) :



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between Lincoln's Assassination and the birth of Charles Lindbergh

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