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Astrological Connections-2   


Below are more interesting astrological connections between the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the birth of Charles Lindbergh, discovered by Robert McNary, a symbologist who dabbles in astrology.

If you have observed other astrological ties between Lincoln and Lindbergh, or have any questions or comments about these connections, send them to info [at] crystarpress.com. (Please note that we may post your findings, but if so, we will give you credit for them.)


The charts below are for the time of Lincoln's assassination (his body lived on until the next day, but practically he died at this time) and for the birth of Lindbergh.

You will see that all the cusps are the same by sign and are within a degree of each other.

Both have the same Sagittarian Moons.

Both have the same North Node in Scorpio.

The Moon and North Node of the Moon commonly represent the body or aspects of embodiment.


It is my understanding that we humans essentially pick up in our next life where we left off in the most recent one.

The cusps - and especially that of the first house (Ascendant - Rising Sign) - match almost perfectly from Lincoln's death chart (considering the soul departing when shot and the body lingering on) to Lindbergh's birth chart.

This suggests a profound connection from one life to another.



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