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Searching for insights into your past lives?

Looking for a proven technique to get your started?

Richard Salva, author of Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh, is an expert on karma and reincarnation, with more than thirty years of research, meditation, and personal experience. He has helped hundreds of people gain a deeper understanding of their past lives--and he can help you too.

For nearly thirty years, Mr. Salva has instructed individuals and groups in a meditation technique that helps awaken past-life memories. Many thousands of people throughout the world have used this technique to deepen their spiritual awareness and access knowledge of past incarnations.

If you would like to arrange for Mr. Salva to instruct you in this powerful meditation technique, simply place your order using the secure PayPal button below, then send an email to Richard [at] CrystarPress.com. Mr. Salva will contact you to schedule a consultation.


*Instruction in this special meditation technique is $40. All instruction is conducted over the telephone and lasts for a minimum of one half hour.