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Obama & Lincoln (1)     


Is Barack Obama the Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln?

Part One

You may have heard speculations from the political or metaphysical arenas about whether President Barack Obama is the reincarnation of The Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln.

As someone who has written a book on the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln (see my book), people have asked me to respond to this idea.

It is easy to see why Obama is compared with Lincoln. Both men are tall and slim, politicians from Illinois, remarkably intelligent and able to give a wise and careful reply to a loaded question. There is also something about the shape of Obama’s head that is reminiscent of Lincoln. And it is pleasing to think that the president who released millions of African-Americans from bondage would return as the first African-American to win the Oval Office.

There are probably other connections between these men as well—just as there are some parallels between any two people. And Obama energized these speculations by launching his presidential campaign from Lincoln’s hometown of Springfield, Illinois.

However, I would reckon that if you did an in-depth comparison of Obama and Lincoln you would arrive at fewer than 100 similarities and connections. Also, since Obama is aware of comparisons between himself and Lincoln, he is not averse to using those comparisons to his political advantage. So any new connections starting with Obama’s quest for the presidency should be suspect.

By contrast, my book Soul Journey (based on the words of a great world teacher) highlights nearly 500 fascinating similarities between Abraham Lincoln and Charles Lindbergh, who had virtually no political life whatsoever. These connections span every aspect of human nature, from the physical to the mental, emotional, social and spiritual—and present powerful historical evidence of a definite case of reincarnation.

For several decades, Lindbergh and Obama were contemporaries. So, if it is a case of either/or, Lindbergh is much more obviously the reincarnation of Lincoln.

Also, it would be worthwhile to compare the sources for these two hypotheses.

The idea of Obama as Lincoln first sprang into the minds of political junkies and has since been “confirmed” by a handful of psychics. Your average political junky is at sea about who was who in a past life. Psychics have had very mixed results in predicting the future; we can confidently assume that their suppositions about the past would yield similar results.

The reincarnation of Lincoln as Lindbergh was mentioned by a great master of yoga, Paramhansa Yogananda, in a casual conversation, which was only reported decades later. Yogananda was the author of the spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi. He was one of the pioneer teachers of meditation in the West and his work has inspired millions throughout the world, including The Beatles and Elvis Presley.

Yogananda often demonstrated a knowledge of the unknowable that outstripped that of any psychic. He told his disciples “I know every thought you think,” and proved it again and again, repeating their thoughts aloud and correcting them. He demonstrated often that time and space were no barriers for him.

One example of Yogananda’s intuitional clarity comes from his early years in America. While living in Boston, he received a letter criticizing him for “sponsoring Jesus in the West.” The writer claimed that Christ was a myth designed to deceive people. The writer left the letter unsigned. There was no return address.

In meditation, Yogananda asked to be guided to this person.

A few weeks later, Yogananda was in the Boston Public Library when he noticed a man seated by the window. Yogananda sat next to the man and quietly asked him, “Why did you write me that letter.” The man nearly jumped. “What letter?” “The one in which you claimed that Christ was a myth.” The man was astonished. “How could you possibly know that I wrote that?” Yogananda answered, “I have my ways. And I wanted you to know that the same power that brought me to you also tells me that Jesus did live, and that he was a great master, a true Christ.”

The scriptures of India state that when individuals develop spiritually, they are given the power to know their past lives and those of others. Krishna claimed that power. So did Buddha. Christ spoke of John the Baptist having been Elijah. Yogananda similarly spoke casually of his own and other people’s past lives. The reincarnational connections he made were logical and demonstrative of spiritual truths.

And so, again, when looking at the sources for these past-life hypotheses, Lindbergh has a decided edge over Obama.




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