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Obama & Lincoln (2)     


Is Barack Obama the Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln?

Part Two

“Lindbergh and Obama were contemporaries. So, if it is a case of either/or, Lindbergh is much more obviously the reincarnation of Lincoln.”

Some people wonder whether it is possible for one soul to be born in more than one body at one time, as perhaps in the case of Lindbergh and Obama. Others have postulated partial souls or combined souls where several spirits or parts of spirits were incarnating in one body.

Without going into the spiritual and philosophical problems in these concepts, I’ll just state that the great master of yoga, Paramhansa Yogananda, spoke only of individual souls experiencing one lifetime after another and learning important life lessons through them.

Yogananda did mention that occasionally, very highly advanced souls may reincarnate in more than one body at once in order to work out their karma more quickly. But these are rare events—so rare as to be scarcely worth considering for our purposes.

So it would have to be the case of either/or with Obama or Lindbergh, and as we have seen, Lindbergh has a much stronger case from several points of view.

“It is pleasing to think that the president who released millions of African-Americans from bondage would return as the first African-American to win the Oval Office.”

This is probably the main reason people like to imagine that Obama is the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln. This thought is powerful because of the way it hits us on an emotional level. With today’s political confusion, it would be comforting to think that Lincoln’s spirit is at the helm of America, with Barack Obama in the Oval Office.

However, this brings into question one of the essential purposes of reincarnation.

Through reincarnation we explore different careers and other pursuits in order to learn what we can from them. Once we’ve learned what we needed to learn from some pursuit—once we’re satisfied with what we’ve discovered from that undertaking—whether it be music, art, or politics, or whatever—we move on to the next thing, carrying forward with us the important lessons we learned.

As I wrote in The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln: “Have you ever eaten so many blueberries that you felt sick of them and thought that you never wanted to eat another one? Whenever in any lifetime you experience something that fully, you lose the taste for it.”

This is especially true for someone who masters an undertaking, who channels a higher wisdom in his calling.

Until we fully experience anything that deeply interests us, we will return again and again until we reach that level of contentment and fulfillment. And this is basically what some people say about Obama—that Lincoln didn’t fulfill his purpose as president, and therefore had to come back as Obama to finish his work (or try to, at any rate).

But that doesn’t make any sense.

Out of those who have pursued politics as a calling, Abraham Lincoln stands at the pinnacle. He has been described as America’s Greatest President. Ever. People from around the world point to him as an example of how politicians should behave. He serves as an inspiration for multitudes.

If anyone has mastered politics, we would have to say that that person was Abraham Lincoln.

What would Lincoln have to gain from running for president again? Why would he want to do so?

How could any presidential term of office be an improvement over what Lincoln accomplished during the American Civil War? Why would we think that he would need to improve upon it?

To say that Lincoln had to return as Obama (or anyone) to pursue political goals is like saying that we all are doomed to do the same things over and over, like an endless loop tape—always coming back as athletes, farmers, celebrities, lawyers, etc. But that isn’t the way it works. The universe isn’t that cruel.

If Abraham Lincoln fulfilled his desire for political service during his lifetime (and there is no reason to think he did not do so), then he would have no interest in politics in his next life. And it is interesting to note that Charles Lindbergh had a strong distaste for the thought of entering the political arena, even though many people tried to convince him to run for office.

By contrast, we see Obama clearly manifesting a diehard politician’s drive for the presidency, a strong personal desire to be Commander in Chief.

For all of these reasons, plus the reasons mentioned in Part One, I have concluded that Barack Obama may be inspired by Abraham Lincoln (and let us, wishing him and all of us well, hope that he is), but he is not his reincarnation.

It is possible to have a number of traits in common with Lincoln and not be him.

Just to give you one example: like Obama I also share some traits with Lincoln. I’m about the same height and weight, with similar spiritual interests and other connections. When I visited Lincoln’s old frontier town of New Salem (now a state park), I was told by park personnel that I looked like Lincoln. But our personalities are different, and I am about as sure as I can be that I’m not his reincarnation.

When I was writing The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln, I went to Lake Tahoe to get a psychic reading. Before the reading, and before telling the psychic why I was there, she approached me to say that my reading would be delayed. As she did so, she looked over my shoulder and smiled.

During the reading I asked a number of questions about various matters. When I mentioned my book about Abraham Lincoln, the psychic smiled. She said that, when she had spoken to me before the reading, she had seen Lincoln’s spirit standing behind me.

At first the psychic thought I must be Lincoln’s reincarnation. When I explained that that wasn’t possible, we both concluded that Lincoln was inspiring and guiding me in the writing of my book.

It is possible that Obama in his presidential term of office may be similarly inspired and guided by Lincoln. If that is true, and Obama acts from that guidance and inspiration, then that would be a blessing for Obama, for America, and for the world.



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