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Reincarnation Stories                

Reincarnation Stories:

Past Lives of the Rich and Famous

It seems that everyone and their brother was a famous person in a past life. The late and great are popping up out of the woodwork. Perhaps our future resumes will include our past incarnations: Emperor, Explorer, Saint.

In fact, this is one objection many people have to past-life recollections: that so many seem to recall famous past lives.

And yet, if we take the word of those who do past-life regressions, the percentages of those recalling having been famous and not-so-famous works out to be about right, historically speaking.

The thing is, we hear so much about famous past lives. But we must ask ourselves: how many people are going to stand up and proclaim, “Yes, it’s true! I was Farmer Brown (or Lisa the Housewife) in a past life!”

One reason why we hear so much of famous past lives is that they are the only past lives most people are interested in.

Just look at the magazines and tabloids. Most of the stories are about Brad, Angelina, and the rest. We like to read about famous persons and imagine ourselves in their places. The same is true for past lives.

On the other hand, is it likely that everyone who says they were Napoleon or Cleopatra truly were those people in a past life? Probably not. We have to respect mankind’s capacity for self-deception, as well as other motivations less benign.

Yet, is it possible that at least SOME of these people were who they claim to have been in the past? Certainly.

How can we judge? If we are not super-psychics or spiritual masters, how can we know who was whom in the past?

Well, for famous persons there is at least one criterion that can be applied pretty much across the board.

If anyone claims to have been someone well known in a past life, study them closely. Does this person have the energy to have been that famous person in a past life?


The odds are strongly against someone of low energy being the reincarnation of an ultra high-energy person. And, by and large, those who are famous have energy and magnetism. For magnetic energy is the foundation of fame.

I have published an in-depth study of two famous persons: Abraham Lincoln and Charles Lindbergh. The study is based on a statement by a great world teacher; but other considerations aside, one of the reasons this comparison is credible is that Lindbergh manifested an energy and magnetism comparable to Lincoln’s. In fact, after his famous Paris flight, Lindbergh was compared favorably with Lincoln.

One of the benefits of studying the reincarnation of famous persons is there is so much material available to prove or disprove the theory. For ordinary people, like Bridey Murphy of the famous 1950s past-life regression, we just have to take their word for it. You and I are not going to travel to County Cork to look up the vital statistics of these folks. Nor are their life stories readily accessible.

Not so, for famous persons. It’s all there, waiting for you to investigate.

This is what was so fascinating about researching Lincoln and Lindbergh. There was so much to discover, connections I never thought I’d find. Connections that linked every aspect of human nature, from the physical to the mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

In fact, I ended up uncovering nearly 500 fascinating similarities between the two men. And the multi-lifetime story these connections tells gives a startlingly new view of history.

I have to say that, from my own experience, famous reincarnation stories are the best reincarnation stories of all.

Want to read reincarnation stories that can show you the past-life connections in your own life? Then click on my past-life stories webpage and discover some of the secret karmic connections hidden in the pages of history.
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