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Text Box: What an awesome book! The Yoga of Ghost Hunting presents a very fresh and unique perspective, and provides helpful information and hints for a spiritual investigation. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and what I learned from its pages is invaluable! You’ve got a winner here.”—Sandie La Nae, veteran Ghost Hunter, Thin Veil Investigators, author of A Ghost Hunter’s Guide for Investigations of the Paranormal






A New Perspective on Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting is an exciting pastime, but there is so much more to it than that! When dealing with the afterlife and metaphysical realities, it helps to have the insights of those who have explored those worlds and returned to enlighten us. 

Yoga to the rescue!

Yoga is a great deal more than physical postures. It is an ancient spiritual science that offers answers to many questions related to the supernatural.

Learn what the yogis have revealed—tips and techniques—that can help you with your paranormal investigations.

Let yogi-author Richard Salva enlighten you about the hidden yogic secrets that every ghost hunter should know.

Discover how to:


Protect yourself psychically

Banish spirits

Understand ghosts

Overcome the fear of ghosts, and other fears as well

Center yourself

Connect with helpful spirits

Achieve mental clarity

. . . and much more!

Text Box: I am very excited—this is the missing link of ghost hunting. Now people can under-stand about negative spirits and those that might follow them home, without being fearful. Your book really is the spiritual side of ghost hunting.”—Janice Oberding, Ghost Hunt Conference Leader, author of Haunted Nevada


Richard Salva is a meditation instructor and lecturer, and has spent the past thirty-five years studying and practicing the deeper teachings of yoga. A popular guest on ghost-hunter and paranormal radio programs, he is also the author of the critically acclaimed book The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln.



1. Just Where Are Ghosts Coming From?

2. A Spiritual Benefit of Ghost Hunting

3. How to Clear Your Aura

4. A Word About Colors

5. Types of Ghosts

6. Is It a Ghost or Something Else?

7. How to Banish Spirits

8. You Are a Ghost

9. Ghosts in Dreams

10. How to Relate to Ghosts
(A Success Story)

11. Ghostly Odors and Astral Fragrances

12. They Don’t Know They’re Dead:
A Friend’s Experience

13. Ghosts and Karma

14. The Transition of Death

15. Are You Haunted By Ghosts
or a Past-Life Memory?

16. Lincoln’s Ghost

17. A “Lincoln Orb"

Further Reflections

Don’t explore haunted houses

empty-handed. Arm yourself 

with powerful yoga techniques!


Text Box: I have been followed home by ghosts and had my share of attachments, until I started doing my daily practice of the techniques Richard teaches. That pretty much took care of that. Having this knowledge is the missing link to successful ghost hunting.—Veronica Smith, Psychic Medium and Ghost Transitioner


From the Introduction:

As a daily practitioner for more than thirty years of meditation and the deeper teachings of yoga, I have found it curious that, even though I have not sought them out, I have crossed paths with ghosts and other astral forces.


In fact, when I was asked to lecture on my book The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln at a paranormal conference a few years ago, I realized that I had a lot to say on the subjects of ghosts and ghost hunting.


It also became clear as I spoke that most of what I was saying was new to my listeners. I was presenting a view of ghost hunting that veteran ghost hunters had never heard before.


In addition, I was aware of techniques and concepts that could help ghost hunters achieve greater success in their efforts and avoid some of the pitfalls of their pastime.

Here, then, is the essence of what I have shared at ghost hunting conferences, along with additional helpful tips and techniques, all based on ancient yogic teachings. . . .


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The Yoga of

Ghost Hunting
Tips & Techniques for Psychic Protection, & More
By Richard Salva

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The Yoga of

Ghost Hunting
Tips & Techniques for Psychic Protection, & More
By Richard Salva

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ISBN: 978-0-9772381-6-3
120 pages, with photographs and illustrations

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