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"Brings reincarnation alive!" —John Novak, author


"Simply astonishing.”

—Asha Praver, author


“A classic is born!” —Lorne Dekun, minister


"A brilliant work.”

—Jack Byrom



—Cheryl Kravetz, media book reviewer


“A wonderful book.”—Mark Monson



—Brad Steiger, author


"One unstoppable read of reincarnation.”

—Soma B. Das,


"Takes the reader on a spiritual adventure.”

—Kathleen Youmans, Foreword Clarion Reviews


"A fascinating book."

Jeff Massie, distant relative of Abraham Lincoln


“The best written reincarnation book I have seen.”

—Vaishali, author, radio host


“A riveting read.”

—Lila Devi, author


“Splendid and thought-provoking"

—Rev. Juliet Night-ingale, radio host


“A remarkable study.”—James Conti, manager, East West Books



—James A. Cox, editor-in-chief, Midwest Book Review


“A must read.”

—Ellen Mogensen, author


“A thoughtful comparison.”

—Frank DeMarco, author


“Contains much wisdom and insight.”—Dr David Frawley, author


"A compelling read."Dr. James Weldon, author


"Fascinating and informative."Sandie La Nae, psychic and past-life reader

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A New View of a Great Spiritual Master

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"'Abraham Lincoln was an advanced Himalayan yogi in a past life, and he reincarnated as Charles Lindbergh' --this statement is attributed to the great yogi Paramhansa Yogananda. Richard Salva inquires into this possibility by taking a close look at Lincoln and Lindbergh and comparing many dimensions and details of their lives.

"Episode by episode, through their ideas, words, points of view, behavior, character, adventures, ambitions and accomplishments, the author builds a compelling case study. His presentation, far beyond the realm of coincidence or superficial likeness, supports the phenomenon of reincarnation as well as the validity of this particular instance. The details of the life stories of Lincoln and Lindbergh are fascinating in themselves and gain additional interest from the mystery of their possible life-to-life connection.

"Overall, the book takes its place as a fascinating study of reincarnation, the exhaustion of karma and the transformation of the human being."  

--Light of Consciousness Magazine


It was some fifty years ago, 1958 or '59. I was a new . . . brahmachari-in-training. (I eventually lived for thirteen years at [Mt. Washington, Yogananda's headquarters].) I learned that my Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, had informed his direct disciples about a 'Himalayan yogi' destined for rebirths in the American drama as Abe Lincoln and Charles Lindbergh. Author Richard Salva has now made that drama vivid for history through his nicely documented book, The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln.”

Dr. Daniel Hart, Founder of Yogoda Self-Help for Addiction Recovery


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Order The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln

Based on the words of a great world teacher and spiritual leader


Paramhansa Yogananda


Order The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln

"Abraham Lincoln" with 1st ed. of

The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln

(photo by Robert Bartel)


Finalist for New Age Nonfiction

Best Books 2006 Book Awards

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"Abraham Lincoln" reading 1st ed. of

The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln

(photo by Robert Bartel)